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Personalised programs and expert advice for individual and commercial properties

At Wagga Pro Turf & Irrigation, our goal is to get your lawn to thrive – not just survive.  Our unique, results-driven approach to consulting means that your lawn will be where you want it to be with minimal cost and time involved.

Being Riverina-based, the team has a thorough understanding of the weather patterns, seasonal changes, soil conditions and other regional influences that can impact on overall lawn health. The team can apply this locally-driven expertise to assist with a range of lawn and turf care needs – no matter how small or unique.

Brenton Morey’s years of experience in lawn and turf care have given him and the team at Wagga Pro Turf & Irrigation a comprehensive understanding of the business of creating thriving lawns. Their consultation service includes access to the most recent information from industry representatives, the newest products, the latest technologies and the safest treatment options available.

For more information about rates for single (one-off) or package consultation services, please contact us.

‘Making professional turf care more accessible’