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Lawn Care

When is the best time to core my lawn?

Spring and Autumn but anytime through the growing season is fine.

At what stage of building a new home do I need to engage your automated inground sprinkler service?

Ideally during the planning stages so allowances can be made for suitable infrastructure to be put in place.

How long after laying turf can I mow?

Turf can be mowed as soon as roots have established. When mowing don’t remove any more than 1/3 of the leaf blade.

When should I top dress my lawn?

Late spring or early summer.

I have brown spots in my lawn. What does this mean?

It could be a number of things such as insect activity or inadequate irrigation. You are best to contact us for an onsite inspection.

When should I fertilise my lawn?

From spring through to autumn.


Why do you need to check my water flow and pressure?

These measurements are required to correctly design your irrigation system, to provide maximum efficiency.

How often should I check my irrigation system?

Annual inspections are recommended to ensure your sprinklers and controllers are working correctly. We offer irrigation maintenance if you’re ever unsure how to service and fix your irrigation system.

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