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trenching prior to irrigation installation


A range of high-quality watering systems for supply and installation

As one of the hottest and driest regions in Australia, good irrigation is the key to keeping your garden lawns lush and green for year-round use.  The team at Wagga Pro Turf & Irrigation are experienced in maintaining healthy lawns, and understand the complex weather conditions that can affect growing conditions in the Riverina and beyond.

The arid Riverina climate requires a watering system that is reliable, easy to operate and maintain. Wagga Pro Turf & Irrigation has a variety of customisable irrigation systems that can be installed to suit domestic or commercial properties.

Using the high-performing and versatile Vermeer S800TX mini-digger ensures installation jobs are done quickly and efficiently – and with minimal disruption to the rest of your garden.

‘Making professional turf care more accessible’