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Professional Turf Care

A range of professional turf care packages, including fertilising, and weed & pest control

Maintaining healthy, green lawns over a large area can be a big task for any property. For both larger commercial properties or individual clients, Wagga Pro Turf & Irrigation can offer the ideal solution.

Our professional turf care can include a full service approach, starting with fertilising. Fertiliser is applied throughout spring and summer to optimise your lawn’s cultivation during the growing seasons. Kick-starting your lawn’s growth can then be coupled with other ongoing maintenance package options.

Weeds are not only an unsightly nuisance, but they can deprive your lawn of nutrients and moisture. Using broadleaf weed control, Wagga Pro Turf & Irrigation can treat pre-emergents before they can even take root.

Wagga Pro Turf & Irrigation also uses the latest in environmentally responsible approaches to insect control, including treating and preventing the infestation of the lawn-destroying black beetle, grubs and other pests.

For more information about any of our professional turf care packages, please contact us.

‘Making professional turf care more accessible’